How to Get Supra E-Key®

If you are a member of our MLS and do not have a Supra E-Key® account set up, you will need to fill out the New Lockbox Key Application (typically already filled out with your membership application).


How to Download Supra E-Key®

If you are downloading to a new device, you will need a new authorization code: how to download the Supra E-Key®.


How to Update Supra E-Key® Billing

To update your Supra E-Key® monthly billing, you can use the following page HERE to update your credit card information in the app.


How to Open a Supra E-Key® Lockbox


How to Reset your Supra E-Key® Shackle Code

Confused ManWhat if your lockbox still doesn't open?

  1. What is the error message shown? The error message may indicate your problem.
  2. Is your application updated? Your application needs to update when connected to WiFi.
  3. Make sure your phone is connected to Bluetooth (check your phone settings).
    1. You must have location services enabled for this app.
    2. Check if your phone is connected to Bluetooth and/or connected to another device.
  4. Are you using the correct pin code?
  5. Are you opening the right lockbox?
  6. Have you paid your monthly Supra bill? If all fails and you have tried every option, you may need to call Supra (877) 699-6787 or re-download the application.7.
  7. Call Supra (877) 699-6787 or re-download the application.

See the eKey Application Error Codes PDF to see how to troubleshoot based on the error code the app gives you.