For an Unliscenced Assistant to help out with your MLS inputting, have them access the MLS on your behalf. To have an unlicensed assistant, it is a $10 monthly fee.


Assistant to Individual Broker:

An Assistant to an Individual Broker may allow an assistant to enter the system using their own password to performsearches and generate reports on behalf of their Broker via Agent ID sharing. They have full rights except for inputting rights. 

Later on, if they work for more than just the initial broker, the principal broker will need to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a new request. 


Administrative Assistant:

Administrative Assistant is directly employed by the Managing Principal Broker is allowed to input listings after taken a class (occassionally webinar) and we have received a written/typed message from the principal broker that says they may input listings. Along with being able to enter and change listings, they may also input sales, attach documents and perform other assigned functions on the MLSCO system on behalf of the Managing Principal Broker for the entire office.


Unlicensed Assistant Form

MLSCO Policies


Some highlights from the MLSCO Policies:

  • MLSCO authorizes unlicensed personal assistants/admins who are under direct supervision of a designated REALTOR®, or MLS Participant, or their licensed designee, to hold a lease for a lock box key on the same terms and conditions as a Managing Principal Broker, Principal Broker and Brokers.
  • Failure to notify MLSCO of any changes to admins/personal assistants/licensed assistants within the timeframe specified, will result in a fine as stated in Appendix A of these Rules and Regulations.
  • Admins/personal assistants may not provide any MLSCO information to persons other than the Participant under whom they are registered.