The Multiple Listing Service of Central Oregon (MLSCO) is operated by the Central Oregon Association of REALTORS®. In order to hold participant rights/membership in the MLSCO, you must first belong to the Central Oregon Association of REALTORS® or hold a primary membership in another association.


The MLSCO is a facility providing orderly construction and distribution of listing information so the members of the MLS may better serve their clients, customers and the public. The information provided on the MLS is used to prepare appraisals, analyses and other valuations of real property; thus maintaining the accurate information on our platform is important.


In order to become a member of MLSCO, your Managing Principal Broker must first apply for office membership with MLSCO or you may open a “new office”. If your office does not hold membership in the MLSCO and your Managing Principal Broker is interested in joining, please see the application in the side bar of this page.


By joining the MLS, you will also have the ability to purchase lockboxes and keys. Please see the lockbox and key information and purchase forms housed in the side bard of this page.


Forms you will need to Join the MLS

Join the MLS Application

Lockbox and Key Application

You will also need a "letter of good standing" from your primary association.


If your office is not already a member of COAR, you will need to fill out the New Office Application.